Saturday, October 15, 2011

Youth News!

Hey guys & gals! This is Jalyn, your friendly Youth Minister.
I made this blog so maybe you guys can view it & see what is happening at with our Youth & our church. I will most likely update this more than anything. I hope you all keep up with this & read it as much as you can. I will not only do calendars on here, but I will also post thoughts, ideas, & etc. So here we go.

First off,  I just want to say THANK YOU to the girls that showed up for GIRLS NIGHT on October 15th. You were all amazing, funny, sweet, & daring. I loved it. I had tons of fun. I am so thankful for you girls & thankful for your thoughts, ideas, words, & wisdom. You keep me on my feet. So again, thank you. (Please remember, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?)

UP-COMING EVENTS; *Please note, things can change.**

October 16th - Meet at St. Stephen's for 4pm. We are making pro-life signs to put around our community. Wear old clothes.

October 23rd - WORLD YOUTH DAY! Leave church at 11:30. Head over to the event for 1:30. Enjoy World Youth Day & return home for 7:30. It's from 1:30 - 6pm. Wear your shirts.

November 6th - Family Picnic!! Church at 10:45am, then we will eat some BBQ. Then me & a few kids will head on over to the Centralplex for mass with the Bishop. Mass will be from 3pm-5pm. We should be back by 6pm. Please wear your shirts.

November 22nd - Girls Night Sleepover. We will go to church at 4pm. Then we will reground at 8pm in the hall. We will eat, talk, watch movies, & sleep. It will end at 6pm.

November 29th - Babysitting day. 8am - 6pm.

December 10th - 2nd Babysitting Day. 8am - 6pm.

December 18th - Youth Christmas Party! 4pm - 7pm. Bring something to eat!

**This will get updated often. Please check as much as you.